Youth Team League Fixtures:
NW Youth Alliance Premier League

All Home league matches are at Hale Country Club & Spa, Clay Lane, Timperley, adjacent to Bowdon RUFC, WA15 7AF. Kick-off is normally at 2.30pm except from November to the end of January, when it is 2pm. Entry is normally free to all games except FA Youth Cup matches and Cheshire County FA finals.

NWYA League fixtures are now issued via the FA rather than the NWYA website.

Sun. 18.8.13 H Macclesfield Town 4-1 Cunliffe 21, Pouncey 45, Gilroy 84, Hughes 89
Thu. 22.8.13 A Ashton Athletic 3-3 k.o. 6.30pm, Brocstedes Park
Sun.25.8.13 A Hyde 4-1 Potts 19, Cunliffe 32(pen), Clarke 80, Todd 86
Tue. 27.8.13 H CURZON ASHTON 1-1 Pouncey 40
Sun.1.9.13 A Prescot Cables 1-1 k.o. 2.30pm
Sun.1.12.13 H ASHTON ATHLETIC 7-2 Coffey 8, Westall 9,71 Pouncey 16,44 Cunliffe 31,66
Sun.8.12.13 A Curzon Ashton 0-1 k.o. 2pm
Sun.15.12.13 H PRESCOT CABLES 2-2 Hughes, Westall
Sun.12.1.14 A Morecambe 8-2 Pouncey (2), Hughes (2), Cunliffe (2), Ubah, Westall
Sun.23.2.14 A Chester 1-4 k.o. 2.30pm
Sun.9.3.14 A Macclesfield Town 5-1 k.o. 2pm
Sun.16.3.14 H SKELMERSDALE UNITED 2-1 k.o. 2.30pm
Sun.30.3.14 A Skelmersdale United 3-0 Cunliffe, L. Brown, Pouncey
Wed.2.4.14 A Warrington Town 3-1 Cunliffe, Potts, Poumcey
Thu.10.4.14 A Witton Albion 2-1 Potts, Cunliffe
Sun.13.4.14 H MORECAMBE 1-0 L. Brown
Tue.22.4.14 H HYDE 0-1 k.o. 6.15pm
Sun.27.4.14 A Abbey Hey 2-5 k.o. 2.30pm, Egerton Youth Centre, Knutsford
Tue.29.4.14 H CHESTER FC 2-1 Westall, Pouncey
Thu.1.5.14 H WARRINGTON TOWN 1-0 Westall
Sun.4.5.14 H WITTON ALBION 2-1 Potts, Pouncey
TBC H ABBEY HEY   Postponed on Sun.11.5.14

Youth Team Cup & Friendly Fixtures

Home matches (except FA Youth Cup games, which are normally at Moss Lane) are played at Clay Lane, Timperley, WA15 7AF, adjacent to Bowdon RUFC.

FA Youth Cup 1st QR. Mon.23.9.13 A Runcorn Town 5-4 Pouncey 47,90+6, Potts 54, Cunliffe 75, Todd 80
FA Youth Cup 2nd QR. Thu.10.10.13 H VAUXHALL MOTORS 4-1 Potts 3, Cunliffe 56,81, Todd 68
FA Youth Cup 3rd QR. Thu.24.10.13 H NOSTELL MINERS' WELFARE 10-3 Pouncey (5), Hughes (3), Gilroy, Clarke. Att. 139.
FA Youth Cup 1 Tue.5.11.13 H WREXHAM 2-1 Hughes 67, Pouncey 88
NWYA Open Cup Sun.17.11.13 A BOOTLE 3-3* *Bootle won on penalties.
FA Youth Cup 2 Thu.21.11.13 A Walsall 0-4 Attendance 175
NWYA Neil Thomason Cup Sun.24.11.13 H MORECAMBE 2-5 Cunliffe 41, Hughes 90(+2)

Altrincham & District FA Youth Representative Fixtures

Home matches played at Trafford FC, Shawe View, Flixton.

CCFA District Youth Cup Sun.8.9.13 H STOCKPORT & DISTRICT 4-0 Reid 36, Coffey 54, MacLean 68, Fox 90(+3)
CCFA District Youth Cup Sun.29.9.13 A Wirral & District 3-1 Arrowsmith, Heathcote (pen), Reid
CCFA District Youth Cup Sun.20.10.13 H MID-CHESHIRE 1-1 At Shawe View, Trafford FC, 2pm
CCFA District Youth Cup Sun.24.11.13 A Stalybridge & District 2-2 @ Mossley FC, 2pm

Altrincham FC Youth Team League Table
NW Youth Alliance Football League Premier Division

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