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Thursday, 16 May 2013: TRIBUTE TO TONY SANDERS

Altrincham F.C. are pleased to announce the new date for the 'Tribute Evening to Tony Sanders'. The event will take place in The Manchester Glass Limited Sponsors Lounge at Moss Lane on Thursday May 16th at 7.15pm.

Bookings for the original date are still valid and new bookings can be made by contacting either of the following:- Altrincham Football Club: 0161 928 1045 or by e-mail Brian Flynn: 07860 561011 or by e-mail

Tickets are priced at 20, including a two-course meal, plus tea or coffee.


Please click on the links below for details of each fundraising scheme:

  • Patrons' Scheme
  • Monthly Draw


    Full details of the Monthly Draw scheme are here. Members are entered into a monthly draw in which you can win 100.


    How You can Help
  • Join The Altrincham Supporters' Club (TASC)
    Call Brian Flynn on 07860-561011 or e-mail him at
  • Volunteer to help on match days
    Call Grahame Rowley on 07720-606897 or or e-mail him at
    See instructions underneath the main TV in the bar.
  • Join the Friends of Altrincham Football Club (five pounds per month)
    Call Steve Foster on 07876-767284 or e-mail him at
  • Become a Patron (fifty pounds per year)
    Call Grahame Rowley on 07720-606897 or e-mail him at
  • All Change for Alty- get a collecting tin for your small change from the Club
    Call Grahame Rowley on 07720-606897 or e-mail him at
  • Volunteer to help with commercial or fundraising initiatives
    Call Barry Pond on 07957-456375 or e-mail him at
  • Sponsor a game, or match ball
    Call Barry Pond on 07957-456375 or e-mail him at
  • Take out Company advertising in the programme, or a ground board
    Call Barry Pond on 07957-456375 or e-mail him at


    The Saturday Yankee is a vital all-year-round raising scheme in which participants can win big prizes. For details, click here.


    Grahame Rowley writes:

    "We have available for collection 'All Change for Alty' money boxes. This scheme was started last year for fans to collect small change and was a great success raising in excess of 1000. Seventy five boxes were distributed last year and this year we aim to distribute in excess of 100. Please consider taking one home its a great way to help fundraising with very little effort. Your support would be much appreciated".


    TASC's Steve Foster writes,

    Steve Foster writes: "TASC are running the Goal Sponsorship scheme again for this season.

    TASC therefore invite you to join the scheme in any form you wish. We are happy to have any arrangement, whether to sponsor an amount for every goal the team score, every clean sheet the team have, every goal an individual player scores, or even every penalty that Stuart Coburn or James Coates makes.

    As last season, we will be updating you during the season of how much your sponsorship has cost you and we propose that the money should, as before be paid in a couple of instalments. The names of the goal sponsors and the amount that they have sponsored will be published in the programme.

    If you are interested in sponsorship for this season, please send me an e-mail, call the club (0161 928-1045), or speak to me at any game.

    Steve Foster".


    Steve Foster writes:

    For the new season, TASC are relaunching the mobile phone recycling scheme. Our target for this year is to raise the same amount as last year. We raised over 804.87 from 131 phones last year. As last year, please hand your old mobiles in to any member of the TASC committee, or to the boxes in the bar or shop, or to the club's offices during normal office hours on any working day.
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