Altrincham FC Youth Team Monthly Draw Club

Dear Friends,

As I'm sure you, know, Alty Youth are in desperate need of funds. In order to help out I am willing to organize and run a 'Monthly Draw Club' for the remaining 6 months of the season. It involves very little effort from you, other than buying a number each month and gaining as many members as you can - the more members, the bigger the prize money and the club benefits more too! I suggest £5 per rnonth for your number to be entered in the draw, (you keep the same number throughout). It will only work if we get around 100 members or more, so get grans and grand-dads, aunties and uncles and friends to join in, the more the merrier. Anyone can buy a number but I would ask you to commit to the full 6 months if you choose to join.

Please complete the slip below and return to George as soon as possible as I hope to be able to do the first draw at the end of November. Do not send any money yet. If I get enough response I will select numbers through a draw and give all participants a list of names and numbers. I would require the money then. Please consider paying the full amount at once or two months at a time.

Many thanks

Pam Gresty on behalf of George Heslop.


I/We would like to buy ____ numbers in the 'Monthly Draw Club'. I/We will pay in full/every 2 months.

Name(s): ________________________________________________

Phone no: ________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________

Please return this form to George Heslop, Youth Team Manager, Altrincham FC, Moss Lane, Altrincham WA15 8AP.