Steve Foster has provided the latest TASC column in advance of its appearance in the Robins' Review of 23 January 2010:

The Altrincham Supporters' Club (TASC)

Good Afternoon, and welcome to Hayes and Yeading for our first game of 2010. Who would have thought when we beat Wrexham on the 15th December that this would be the next home game we would play? A full month and a week on! The postponement of all the recent home games has caused the club and TASC problems. The club has lost significant sums of money due to the postponements too. They need all the support that you can give. So please support the upcoming events, or try to bring a friend to the games. Every little bit we can give helps!

New Year's Draw

The New Year's draw has had to be delayed due to the lack of opportunities to sell tickets. Can you help TASC by selling tickets? If you can spare a few minutes, please help us - whether by buying tickets yourself, or helping us to sell more tickets at the upcoming couple of games. Please come to the shop and volunteer, or see any of the ticket sellers around the ground.

SOS - Strengthen Our Squad

TASC has launched a Strengthen our Squad campaign to raise £3,000 by the end of January. Obviously, this has also been hampered by the postponements. Please donate generously, this could be the difference between Graham being able to bring in a player, or even keep his current squad! Donations can be placed in the bucket collection at half time, by cheque or by payment online.

We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations at the Wrexham Trophy game; the bucket collection raised around £40.

Goal/Clean Sheet Sponsorship

TASC have taken over the running of the Goal Sponsorship scheme from Jon Stack. If you are interested in sponsoring the Club for all the goals we score, every clean sheet we keep, every goal scored by any individual player or every penalty save by any of Alty’s 3 keepers, please contact TASC either by email or by post to Altrincham Football Club at the usual address, or by phone on 0161 928 1045 and asking for Karen.

All proceeds from this scheme will be channeled into team strengthening. We will be updating you during the season on how much your sponsorship has cost you and we propose that the money should be paid, as before, in a couple of instalments. At the end of the season, a framed photograph of an image of your choice from a selection will be sent out to you. TASC will be contacting the sponsors to arrange payment for the first half of the season in the next few days.

  • James Cram - £1 per clean sheet
  • Laurence Howarth - £1 per goal
  • The Flaggers - £1 per goal
  • The Flaggers - £1 per clean sheet
  • Simon Ellis - £1 per goal
  • Steve Foster - £1 per goal
  • Karen Rowley - £1 per goal
  • Grahame Rowley - £1 per goal
  • Chris Rowley - £1 per penalty save by Stuart Coburn
  • Sarah Rowley - £1 per goal scored by Nicky Clee
  • Brian Flynn - £5 per goal scored by Anthony Danylyk
  • Carol Flynn - £2 per goal scored by Tom Kearney
  • Lori Flynn - £1 per goal scored by Greg Young
  • Niall Flynn - £2 per penalty save by Stuart Coburn/Russell Saunders/Richard Acton
  • Bob & Claire Allan - £1 per goal, £1 per clean sheet
  • Dave Senior - £2 per Chris Senior goal
  • Theo Langeveld - £5 per clean sheet

    1990/1991 Team Reunion

    TASC chairman Brian Flynn writes:

    Further to a suggestion from a supporter, TASC is hoping to organise a 20th anniversary reunion of the team that went 28 league games unbeaten (still a Conference record!!!!!!!!) in 1990/91 season. To make this event happen at some point during the 2010/11 season, TASC is looking for volunteers to take responsibility for organising the event and, if you feel able to do this, then please contact Brian Flynn by email or ring on 07860 561011.

    Alty Rock

    Alty Rock is available for just 20p a stick from the Club Shop & Snack Bar at today’s game & all home games. Buy know it makes sense!!!!

    If you have any general queries about TASC or questions to ask about TASC matters we have set up an email address. Please contact us by email.

    Gareth Thomas and Steve Foster (TASC Committee members)