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  • Routes to Moss Lane
  • Ground Facilities and the Football Club.
  • Map of Altrincham FC, Moss Lane Neighbourhood.
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    Go Goodwins operates the Hale Circular bus, number 286 and this is free of charge to Altrincham FC season-ticket holders on matchdays. The bus stops immediately outside the Football Club and it runs every 15 minutes.

    2010-11 PRICES


    The following prices for tickets in 2010-11 have been announced.

    Turnstile Prices

  • Standing - Adults 13; Concessions 8
  • Seating - Adults 15; Concessions 9
  • Aged 12 to 16 seated or standing - 5
  • Under 12s seated or standing - 2

    Season Ticket Prices

  • Standing - Adults 225; Concessionaries 115
  • Seating - Adults 265; Concessionaries 125

    A 10 discount will apply to the above categories (only) if bought before the end of June.

  • Aged 12 to 16 seated or standing - 50
  • Under 12s seated or standing - 25

    Vice-chairman Grahame Rowley writes:

    "After a successful season both off and on the field, we now start to look forward to next season. After reviewing the admission pricing we have decided to add a 16 increase per season to all season tickets less than 1 per game. We appreciate that the concessionary price has increased by a greater percentage than the adult price but the concessionary season ticket still provides great value for money with standing prices working out at just 5 per game in comparison to 8 per game on the day.

    These price increases are necessary if we are to maintain our progress and we look forward to receiving your renewal form. The 10 discount if purchased before June 30th 2010 still applies.

    A season ticket also entitles you to free admission to all the pre-season friendly matches at Moss Lane. We hope that we can rely on your support again this season and look forward to seeing you at Moss Lane in July".

    NB The Club welcomes payment by instalments; please ring the Club (928-1045) to arrange this.



    Season ticket applications with appropriate payment should be made to Altrincham FC, Moss Lane, Altrincham WA15 8AP using the form below if you wish. Please indicate clearly which category of ticket you are applying for. For further details, ring the club on (0161) 928-1045.





    E-mail address:_______________________________________________

    Please specify below the type and number of season tickets required:




    Remittance enclosed: ________________________________________

    Please supply a s.a.e. if not collecting the tickets from Moss Lane. If you are renewing an existing season ticket, please indicate the seat number in question.


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