Altrincham FC Statistical Review 2015-16


In 2015/16 Altrincham had 23 away league games and to play those, they (and their supporters) covered 6,188 miles in terms of the return mileage. On average, each return journey was 269 miles.

In 2016/17 the number of away games will be reduced to 21 and the return mileage is cut to 2,890, with the average return mileage being 138 miles.

There are only four trips in 2016/17 which will involve a round trip of more than 200 miles; they are to Boston (264) Brackley (262) Darlington (Bishop Auckland) (264) and Gloucester (Cheltenham) (240).

Alty's shortest trip in 2016-17 will be to Stockport (20 miles return).


2015-16 season was marred by serious injuries to four of the Club's most experienced players. If it is assumed that in the 46 league games of 2015-16, a player could have clocked up 4,140 minutes on the pitch (i.e. 90 mins x 46 matches, excluding injury time), then...

  • Goalkeeper Stuart Coburn, who was injured as Dover scored a late winner at Crabble in August 2015, played just 450 mins all season or less than 11% of the available time.
  • Captain Stuart Densmore played only 25.7% of the available time because of his injury.
  • Tom Marshall, who broke his leg in game 4, played just 8.6% of the available time
  • Nicky Clee, who was only able to start three league matches, spent just 12.2% of the available time on the pitch.

Injuries affected other players so Luca Havern only played 64.3% of the available time and Ryan Crowther's injuries and ailments were a significant factor in his amassing just 40.2% of the available pitch time in league matches.

Added to the above, Anthony Griffith was found to be unfit and, as well as playing for the Club for just 5 minutes (0.12%), he cost the club a sizable sum in a retirement pay-off, which itself hindered getting a replacement player in.

There were also some new recruits who did not go on to command a regular starting place; despite a good start to the season, George Bowerman only played 31% of the time before being sent out on loan and Josh O'Keefe played only 36% of the available time.

Leading Appearances

The most pitch time in the National League in 2015-16 was amassed by...
  • Jake Moult 93.2%
  • Adam Griffin 92.7%
  • Scott Leather 91.6%
  • Jordan Sinnott 91%
  • Tim Deasy 88.8%

Indicative of the scale of rebuilding needed by new manager Neil Young is the fact that four of the above top five participators from last season are no longer with Altrincham.

Compared with 2014-15, Altrincham's league record shows the same number of defeats and goals conceded in 2015-16 but there were six more draws in 2015-16.

  • 2014-15 P46 W16 D8 L22 F54 A73 PTS56
  • 2015-16 P46 W10 D14 L22 F48 A73 PTS44

In Alty's last relegation, in 2011, we finished with the same points total (44) but conceded 14 goals more, viz P46 W11 D11 L24 F47 A87 PTS44

After being ever present in the Conference (Alliance) from 1979/80 to the end of 1996/97 season - 18 seasons), 2016 witnessed Altrincham's fourth relegation in the succeeding nineteen years. In those 19 years, nine have been spent back at national level and ten in the next tier down.

Home and Away

Altrincham won just two away games in the league all season. In 2014-15 they won seven times away.

Leading Scorers in 2015-16

  • Michael Rankine 16 (13 in league, 3 in cups) His pitch-time in league matches was 65.7%.
  • Damian Reeves 11 (8 in league, 3 in cups) His pitch-time in league matches was 60.3%.
  • Josh Ginnelly 5 (all in league) As a loanee, he was not here all season.
  • James Lawrie 5 (4 in league, 1 in cups) His pitch-time in league matches was 83.3%.


  • Jake Moult 10 (8 in league, 2 in cups)
  • Adam Griffin 9 (8 in league, 1 in cups; six of his yellow cards came in the last 12 fixtures in the league)
  • Josh O'Keefe 8 yellow, 1 red (All except 1 yellow were in the league).

Apart from O'Keefe's red, the only other dismissals were for Luca Havern and Marcus Holness.

Average League Attendances

  • Home: 1,230 (biggest 2,460 v Tranmere Rovers, smallest 677 v Eastleigh)
  • : Away: 1,870 (biggest 4,628 v Wrexham, smallest 351 v Boreham Wood)