Match Reports, 2004-05


Lancashire League Match,
played on Saturday, 5 February, 2005


VAUXHALL MOTORS RESERVES: 1. Liam MURPHY, 2. Michael DUFFY, 3. Ted WHELAN, 4. Liam CURRY, 5. Alan GRIFFITHS, 6. Dean ROBINSON, 7. Chris TAMM(capt.), 8. Josh JOEL, 9. Timothy OJAPAH, 10. Paul ADDO, 11. Martin AGALAMANYI. Subs: 12. Khyle SAMPSON, 14. Dale MASON, 15. Jeff TAGUE.

  • Goalscorers - Vauxhall Motors - Martin Agalamanyi (2), Josh Joel.

    ALTRINCHAM RESERVES: 1. Spencer LIDDIARD, 2. Pat CONNOLLY, 3. Matt TOOTH, 4. James MARSDEN (capt.), 5. Richard GRESTY, 6. Arron HEVINGHAM, 7. Michael BROWN, 8. Paul MONAGHAN, 9. Anthony WEALLE, 10. Lee HENDLEY, 11. Danny GRIMSHAW. Subs: 12. Rico RICHARDS, 13. Steve LEE (gk), 14. Rosalyn DOCTA, 15. Richard AINSLEY.


    The following report is based on information kindly supplied by Neil Brown.

    Altrincham had numerous enforced changes and manager Neil Brown had even had to sign on six new players before the game to ensure that he had a full squad. Amongst those missing today were regular centre-back George Melling, who was playing for the Altrincham first team and his defensive partner, Wayne Leather, who had work commitments. Adam Brindle was playing with Curzon Ashton and midfielders Paul Tilley, Sean Smith and Lewis Chalmers were all also absent as they were selected for the first-team bench today. So, Matt Tooth reverted to left-back and Pat Connolly came in at right-back. Drafted in from the youth team were 16 year-old centre back Richard Gresty, midfielder Arron Hevingham and striker Lee Hendley. On the Reserves' bench today was right-back Richard Ainsley, son of the Reserves' physio, and Rico Richards, returning from injury. James Marsden moved to centre-back but even some of those who played, such as Michael Brown and Anthony Wealle were not fully fit.

    Altrincham were therefore fielding a very young side against a more mature Vauxhall outfit. The visitors adopted a 4-5-1 formation with Wealle the lone striker at first, the plan being for Hendley to assume that role midway through the first half. The game started with a quarter of an hour of good, end to end football. But the Motormen were proving robust opponents and Hendley was floored in the early stages by a kick. Vauxhall took the lead after 18 minutes when they got past Gresty and a Vauxhall player rounded Liddiard to score. They doubled their lead five minutes later when Connolly attempted to play the offside trap but got caught out and Vauxhall got the ball across to the centre where they scored a tap-in. The third goal was also the result of a defensive lapse of concentration after James Marsden had been caught by a tackle which left him with three studmarks across his ankle. With the central defender off the pitch, Alty failed to fill his vacated position and Vauxhall again rounded Liddiard to make it 3-0 (25 mins).


    At half-time manager Neil Brown set his side the target of a goalless second half and this they achieved with a much better display than in the first 45 minutes. Now playing 4-4-2, they made their first change after 49 minutes when Ainsley came on for Connolly at right-back. After 55 minutes Docta replaced Wealle, who has a groin injury and, on the hour mark, Rico Richards came on for Michael Brown, who is carrying a back injury. Richards was victim of a bizarre booking when a Vauxhall arm caught him and cut his lip. Rico protested to the referee that no action had been taken but the official told him that he had seen no offence and booked the Alty striker for his protest! For Alty Marsden and Hevingham were having particularly good games, the latter also being lucky to avoid an arm swung by a Vauxhall player after some skilful work from the Alty midfielder. Richard Gresty also settled to have a good second half.

    After the defensive lapses of the first half, understandable in a team with so many new faces in it, the second period gave Altrincham some cause for satisfaction despite their losing the game by three goals.