Altrincham FC
Patrons' Scheme


Moss Lane, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 8AP.
Telephone: 0161-9281045.
Fax: 0161-926 9934.

Altrincham FC is again running its Patrons' Club. Chairman Graham Rowley writes:

For the cost of 50, your name will appear throughout the coming season in the matchday programme as a Patron of Altrincham Football Club. At the beginning of the season, every member will be entered into a prize draw, with the winner being match sponsor for an appointed game along with nine guests. Second prize will be hospitality for five people and third prize will be hospitality for 3 people in the Sponsors' Lounge.

If you are interested in becoming a Patron for next season, please forward a cheque for 50, payable to Altrincham Football Club, for my attention. If you require any further information please speak to me (Grahame Rowley) on 07720-606897 or e-mail me. Thank you for your support.

The target is to exceed last year's total of 124 Patrons. So far, the following have signed up...

  1. Keith Davey
  2. Ian Senior
  3. Barry Pond
  4. Paul Brady
  5. Terry Surridge
  6. James Surridge
  7. Stan Riley
  8. Isabel Riley
  9. Steve Benyon Decorating
  10. Grahame Rowley
  11. Karen Rowley
  12. Chris Rowley
  13. Stacey Rowley
  14. Daisy Rowley
  15. Sarah Rowley
  16. Dan Jones
  17. Mike Garnett
  18. Richie Bentley Catering
  19. Alan Murray
  20. Neil Faulkner
  21. Paul Daine
  22. Andrew Shaw
  23. Mark Alton
  24. Alan Blinkhorn
  25. George Heslop
  26. Barry Heaton
  27. Celia Hodgkinson
  28. Laurence Howarth
  29. Steve Murray
  30. Steven Foster
  31. John Skelhorn
  32. Nigel Bunce
  33. Alan Pennycook
  34. Alison Pennycook
  35. Oscar Pennycook
  36. Andrew Pennycook
  37. Peter Foster
  38. Judy Foster
  39. Matthew Wheeler
  40. Martin Green
  41. John Green
  42. JF & K Brennan
  43. Mike & Tricia Davies
  44. Alison, Calum, Martin, Terry & Tony (A-O-M)
  45. David Slack
  46. Robbie & Patrick Sharpe
  47. Dr Winnie Stack
  48. Mark Embury
  49. John Laidlar
  50. Dana Laidlar
  51. Phil Green
  52. Mike & Lou Alexander

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